About us

The MAG-RYŚ enterprise was established on October 15th, 1992. At that time, the 20-year professional experience of the owner – Ryszard Urbański – allowed the company to enter the market of mould and tool manufacturers without any obstacles. Thanks to hard work and determination, the company constantly developed. The manufacturing plant was expanded and constant developed of modern technologies and investments in machinery park, being subject to implementation together with high quality of provided services allowed to create tight relationships with our customers from home and abroad. Nowadays, the enterprise has a stable position on the market. Our firm is a modern tool-shop providing services in the field of machining for many industrial branches. Among our strengths are modern machinery park, accuracy in manufacturing tools, close-knit team comprising of engineers working on specialized software, as well as, experienced and reliable staff members. Knowledge and skills allow us to perform a variety of products from an idea – through its design – to the final shape.