Our services

Working area
X: 3250 mm
Y: 1500 mm
Z: 780 mm
Capacity: 7000 kg
Working area
Max diameter: Ø 700 mm
Max length: 1500 mm
Surface Grinding
Working area
X: 700 mm
Y: 2000 mm
Z: 500 mm
Szlifowanie płaszczyzn
Cylindrical Grinding
Working area
Max diameter: Ø 200 mm
Max length: 600 mm
Szlifowanie wałków
Electrical discharging machining
Working area
X: 1000 mm
Y: 600 mm
Z: 500 mm
Capacity: 4000 Kg
Max weight of electrode: 200 Kg
Obróbka elektroerozyjna
Production and Regeneration of (Injection, Foundry, Press) Molds, Trimming Dies
Wykonywanie i regeneracja form
Wykonywanie i regeneracja form
Manufacturing of Moulded Parts
Wykonywanie części form
Wykonywanie części form
Manufacturing of Tools and Technical Equipment
Produkcja narzędzi i oprzyrządowania technicznego
Produkcja narzędzi i oprzyrządowania technicznego
Machine Tool Manufacturing
Produkcja oprzyrządowania do maszyn
Cutting Tool Production and Sharpening
We manufacture and sharpen following tools, namely: cutters, drills, reamers, countersinks, taps, chamfering tools, hobbing cutters, specialized tools. These types of products and services are provided by the Polish-Italian Limited Company named ‘RONZONI-MAGRYŚ’.
Produkcja i ostrzenie narzędzi
3D Printing
We are equipped with printers working in FDM technology with application of two components, which allows us to manufacture very sophisticated parts (220x260x185) without the need of partial implementations and to rinse the supporting substance afterwards. We provide services in accordance with the customer’s technical documentation or the design scratched by our constructors.
Druk 3D